Photoshoot Trinist


About Trinist

A newborn soldier in the underground scene. Bringing his own dark secrets into the world of Trap, Dubstep and Drum & Bass. His experimental sounds enlighten you to make you see gateways opening up to unknown worlds. Trinist is here to give you an experience just by the exploration of sound. To make you feel the realm beyond the here and now. He is creating something new…

Trinist – in daily life known as Joshua – spends his days expanding the boundaries of groundbreaking music. Music that makes you question everything you hear. During his studies at the Herman Brood Academie, he learns more and more every day, creating his journey as a performer. And he will take you with him. As resident DJ at UMRA, he delivers shows that have never been witnessed before. Visuals that will open your eyes and music that will engulf your mind. Creating something that you will never forget. He has a lot of music ready for exposure and even bigger collaborations in the pipeline. But he wants to make sure you are all ears.

 So get ready.

Photoshoot in Breda, by Felix Dukker