Tried it all

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About the music

Released on 10 June 2018. Tried It All has a desperate feeling when you’ve tried everything you could do.
For this track wanted to be quite minimal. Everything very clean, attractive and spacious.
The agreements immediately appealed to us and from there we continued to work.
And within no time we had laid the foundation for the track.
The vocals were originally recorded as a demo, but in the end, found that the take conveyed the feeling best.
The style is a variant of minimal chill step and ambient.

The Artist

Joshua is a producer / DJ from Breda. Under the name Josh Lovis he brings the world his refreshing music and sounds. His style can vary from Liquid Drum & Bass to Chillstep.

Together with the singer Mara Necia, he releases a lot of music, but he also has some albums of his own that he occasionally releases. As a live performer, he often plays Liquid Drum & Bass. This involves many live aspects such as singing and solos. He is nothing without his eccentric style and emotional interaction with his audience. Someone to keep an eye on.


Felix Dukker

Yannick de Groot

Koen Revet

Tyn van Londen



Joshua Meur

Mara van Broekhoven

Anne vd Brink (Dance)