Times Ending

Video afspelen

Times Ending

Times Ending is about the two sides of a certain time that stops. It brings a lot of uncertainty, but also a lot of freedom. We wanted to incorporate that two-way battle in the number. And there is a full load of emotion in the song. The style is a kind of Pop-Liquid-Drum & Bass. It represents the bridge from Pop to our further Liquid Drum & Bass tracks. The video clip has contributed a lot to the song. The combination of audiovisually enhances the story and emotion of the song.

Josh Lovis & Mara

Joshua is a producer / DJ from Breda. Under the name Josh Lovis he brings the world his refreshing music and sounds. His style can vary from Liquid Drum & Bass to Chillstep.

Together with the singer Mara Necia, he releases a lot of music, but he also has some albums of his own that he occasionally releases. As a live performer, he often plays Liquid Drum & Bass. This involves many live aspects such as singing and solos. He is nothing without his eccentric style and emotional interaction with his audience. Someone to keep an eye on.