Video afspelen

The music clip

Grace is one of the first projects we worked on together. We made the video emotional, dynamic and ‘in your face’ to strengthen the music. We are still very happy with the confidence Bas Ossenblok gave us to produce his video clip in December 2016. As starting filmmakers we worked hard to exceed his expectations.

We even managed to win our first prize with this first video. The prize we won was a young talent film award from Kunstbende Noord-Brabant.

Songwriter/producer Bas Ossenblok 

Working from his home recording studio, he decided to start recording the songs in 2016 with the goal of creating and releasing a solo album. He was determined to do every step of the process on his own… writing, arranging, playing, recording, producing and mixing. Only the mastering process was outsourced to the famous Wisseloord Studios.

The sound of ‘Echoes of 8’ can be characterised as emotional, ‘in your face’ and dynamic. The use of distorted and falsetto vocals, mesmerizing piano/guitar themes and the tendency to build up songs to a melancholic, bombastic level are specific elements in Eo8 songs.


Felix Dukker

Yannick de Groot


Bass Ossenblok

Laura Ras